Therapist Checklist

things to find in a therapist

1. Feeling safe is the most important.

2. Not feeling judged.

3. They pay attention, (Once, I saw a previous therapist play angry birds in the reflection of his glasses) and remember things about you.

4. Encourages and supports you while challenging you.

5. Holds space for your feelings.

6. Caring and compassionate.

7. Knowledgeable about the issues you are looking to conquer.

8. Shows you the best parts of yourself.

9. Makes you feel comfortable bringing up any issues that you may have with them.


There are all types of different therapies, from art therapy to EMDR, there’s psychodrama and freudian free association, it’s great to shop around and find what works best for you, this is your life and your mind, both are precious. What about you? What do you need in a therapist/ What have you found in a therapist?