Stuff We Love: Podcasts, Edition One

We definitely both love podcasts; it's such a great method of self-care. You can listen and learn while you're doing basically anything - multitasking at its very finest.  Listening to other people tell their stories and explain their opinions is inspiring, educational, and just makes you feel less alone. But the best thing? Listening to people talk about interesting things helps drown out your own mental chatter. I was going to list every single podcast I recommend and realized my list was just way too long. Solution? This is just edition one. 

Melissa's Pick: Another Round

I have to admit I was late to the game on this one, and I'm still making my way through all the episodes. Heben and Tracy describe the podcast as "basically happy hour with friends you haven't met yet, which is absolutely true". Except these friends are way smarter and funnier than I am, and truth be told, if we were really at happy hour, I'd be just as engrossed in their conversations as I am during their episodes. My favorite is when they cover race, gender, and mental health, and they win all the awards for best interview with Hilary Clinton. Super funny, super real, and yes, they really are drinking.


Melissa's Pick: RuPaul - What's the Tee

Effy definitely got me hooked on RuPaul. He is amazing. Period. His podcast shows a more serious side of him than RuPaul's Drag Race, which I love (although make no mistake, he is still hilarious). He and his co-host, Michelle Visage, talk about behind the scenes of the show, interviews strong women, and so much more. I love listening when I have to do boring tasks (aka cleaning) because RuPaul is anything but.

Melissa's Pick:  Monocycle by Leandra Medine

I think this is my all time favorite podcast. First, each episode is only about 10 minutes, so it's the easiest one for me to listen to consistently each week. Leandra is the founder of Manrepeller (also one of the sites I wake up with every morning) and is so honest and real in each and every episode, whether she's talking about mental health. or getting dressed for the weekend There are so, so many favorite episodes that I want to recommend, so you really should just listen to all of them. Start with the first one.

Melissa's Pick:  Terribly Funny

"Where funny people talk about truly terrible things that have happened in their lives." Obviously, this is going to be on my top list. Top pick is definitely his talk with Lauren Morelli, his best friend and also his ex-wife. They talk about grief in such a stunning way. The entire series is raw, real, and a must-listen.

Effy's pick:  Why Shamanism Now

Even If you don't believe in shamanism at all, Christina Pratt has a lot of practical wisdom and a no-nonsense approach to healing and transforming your life. She is very direct, fierce and passionate about what she talks about. I find that she has an interesting perspective on the what she sees in the society today and is definitely worth being checked out.

Effy's pick:  Tara Brach

She is a Buddhist teacher who brings lightness and compassion to the practice. She has a lot of great 10-30 minute guided meditations. I like to listen to her when I am overwhelmed, or traveling, or just simply doing chores around the house. She brings a calmness and acceptance to daily life. She wrote a book on Radical Acceptance which is seriously life changing, but the way she brings in stories and jokes to her shows, she keeps it fun.

Effy's pick: Invisibilia

I love this show, I wish they would do more shows, more often. However you can see all the work they put into every single show. They definitely challenge the perception around always relevant topics. It is about the invisible forces that control human behavior, ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and emotions which are my life long obsession.

Both: Ted Talks & This American Life

Obviously, these are classics and each deserves its own list of top episodes. All I'm going to say is that everyone should download both of their apps immediately. 

I'm always on the hunt for more podcasts to listen to, especially ones that focus on mental health and self-care, so let us know - which podcasts do you have on rotation?