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There is nothing I love more than kickass and honest women who uplift other women, especially when it comes to body image and mental health.  Model and actress Adwoa Aboah founded a project called Gurls Talk with the mission to do just that - to "get gurls talking" about mental health, body image, and sexuality. After university, Adwoa went to treatment for addiction, depression, and bipolar disorder. After several relapses, she attempted suicide last year. Gurls Talk was born after she hit rock bottom, and was inspired to help girls everywhere, and open up about these issues that plague us all. 

In a beautiful conversation with Cara Delevigne for Teen Vogue, Adwoa explains, 

"A little over a year ago I tried to commit suicide. It was a close one, and even after I woke up, it took me a while to feel grateful that I was alive. But over time, as I got healthier, I felt a huge amount of responsibility to help girls who might be going through the same thing. When I finally asked for help, I realized I wasn’t alone in all of this. The basis of my recovery is honesty. I couldn’t keep up the facade; I needed to stop lying about how I felt. I can’t run away from things anymore. As I started being honest, I became a much better daughter and friend and girlfriend...  
I think what inspired me was the women who came into my life when I needed them the most — the women who actually saved my life. With Gurls Talk I want to create a space wherein girls can have honest conversations about everything. It will be a weekly program to educate girls on mental health and addiction and eating disorders, but instead of it being a lecture coming from a teacher or a woman twice their age, I want it to be from women these girls can relate to, women who are speaking from experience."

While I'm wait patiently for Gurls Talk to officially launch,  I've been watching and rewatching the film she created in collaboration with I-D magazine, and okay, let's be honest, reading and watching every interview Adwoa has done about about her new amazing project. Watch the film above as Adwoa hangs out with a bunch of awesome women in Los Angeles, each making a difference in their own beautiful ways, and watch the beautiful and honest interview Adwoa did with Style Like U as she opens up about her addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, and her vision for Gurls Talk .

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